Premium additives from JOE Energy

Oil Burner Additive

  • Lowers carbon and sludge build up that occur in boiler systems
  • Keeps fuel fresher for longer
  • Reduces service problems/intervals
  • Improves system efficiency resulting in lower fuel consumption
  • Cleans dirty boilers, dirty fuel systems and tanks
  • Keeps existing “clean” systems clean and protects them

AGA Additive

  • Can be used in all vaporising cookers such as Aga , Rayburn and Nobel
  • Reduces the build up of soot and carbon deposits
  • Inhibits the growth of deposits in stored fuel
  • Improves cooker efficiency
  • Reduces service problems
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Saves you money by helping to return to more realistic service intervals.

Which one do I buy?

If you run an Aga type cooker and Oil Burner, then Joe's Aga additive is required.

If you run just an oil burner, then its Joe's Oil Burner additive.

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