FAME in Derv and Gas Oil

Changes to the RTFO (Road Transport Fuel Obligations) set by new Biofuel targets to increase FAME content in fuel from 5% to 8% in January 2019.

Please see below some key points and information regarding the change.


Main problems of increase in FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester)

  • Fuel Shelf life will be greatly reduced – discolouration, deposit lay down in storage
  • Water content of fuel will increase – poor perform ace and potential for fuel water emulsion leading to filter blockages
  • Cold weather performance will be reduced – leading to a likely increase in frequency of waxing issues
  • Layering in tanks – separation of crude and bio leading to irregular fuel performance, early waxing of bio component and blocked lines and filters
  • Can encourage growth of diesel bugs


Fuel Storage Conditions

  • Install new and clean filters regularly
  • Close and check filling points to prevent water ingress
  • Routinely drain tank bottoms
  • Keep tanks as clean as possible, sludge and water can build up quickly in a short space of time
  • Keep tanks topped up and don’t let them run too empty too often
  • Use additives such Gas Oil supreme and Gas Oil conditioner


For more information, please contact your local depot.

 Benefits of using Gas Oil Supreme Additive

  • Increases Cetane Number giving smoother power delivery and more complete combustion
  • Improves fuel lubricity which prevents wear in injectors and fuel pumps
  • Guards against power losses and injector/filter damage
  • Contains a detergent/dispersant chemical package which keeps injector systems clean